Tuesday, May 31, 2016

War Room

Recently I read the book War Room by Michael Holley. I thought it was a fun read especially for any Patriots or in general any NFL fan. The book gave some history and background for the Browns, Patriots, Chiefs and Falcons and some insight on how the NFL draft is done from behind the scenes.

There was one passage in particular that caught my attention:
"Each [Kansas City Chiefs] scout's report is always expected to include answers answers to the following questions:
What will this player's role be as a Chief? Will the role change from year one to year two? How many downs can he be expected to play? Which current player on the roster will he beat out? What's his value on special teams? Does he have positional flexibility?
Makes one want to review the picks from the last draft and ask these questions of the players chosen especially for the Patriots and Falcons who use the process described in the book.

The only complaint I'd have about the book is in the retelling of the Patriots rise to success Holley mentioned how the Boston Herald falsely accused the Patriots of filming the Rams walk-though before the Super Bowl only to later have to apologize because their story was basically made up. Holley never names the reporter responsible. That report is John Tomase who is a fat tub of lard lies.

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