Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Sox Medical Staff

The Red Sox health and healthcare has been a problem for a few years and now the team is making changes. Including eliminating the position of medical director Dr. Thomas Gill.
As part of the restructuring, team sources said, the Red Sox will eliminate the position of medical director, which Gill has held since 2005. But they would retain the services of Massachusetts General Hospital Sports Medicine Group, which Gill directs.

Gill could be involved in medical care to some degree. But a different doctor from MGH would be the head team physician.

The Red Sox have had a number of issues related to medical care in the last two seasons.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz are among the players who were originally said to have minor injuries that proved to be major when they were examined by outside physicians.
This is a big deal as it can be argued that poor healthcare and misdiagnosis may have been a primary reason for the team missing the playoffs these past two years. Something I've been saying for a while but have not seen discussed anywhere else until today when the team acted on the problem.

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