Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Beginning of the End for the NCAA

Charlie Piece is verbose - but he is right. The NCAA is on a slippery slope to having to pay athletes. The NCAA is suggesting a $2,000 stipend for athletes. I think the answer at some point will be to pay college athletes minimum wage "work/study" for revenue generating sports (even if the end result is a net loss for the sport).

Using simple math and a minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour then that works out to roughly 17 hours per week for 16 weeks of football. Does anyone think that is enough hours? Remember - you would also be paying for travel. Let's call it 25 hours per week - OK? That works out to a $2,900 stipend. But what if that student goes to school in California who has and $8 per hour minimum wage? Then suddenly that student-athlete is getting a $3,200 stipend. Advantage USC and suddenly there a reason to go to UCLA again. Good luck to Minnesota and their freezing winters and $6.15 per hour minimum wage.

Slippery slope indeed. And we haven't even broached the idea that there is no reason this income is not taxable.

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