Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Hard to believe but of the four major pro teams in Boston - the Celtics are clearly in 4th place behind the Patriots, RedSox and Bruins. The lockout did hurt but now the question becomes how long will the damage last?.. Is there a way to make people spontaneously combust? I'm seriously thinking that would be the super power to have. Person bugs you past the point - boom - they burst into flame and you can get on with your day... It could be argued that if the media paid just a quarter of the attention to Fast and Furious that they did to Iran Contra that Obama would be out of office now... Risk = Hazard + Outrage - Interesting Freakonomics interview... Dimethyl-Meatloaf Emissions would be a great name for a band or a fantasy football team... Very interesting interview / retrospective of Terry Gilliam... One-Man Rebellion would be a good name for a Louis CK off-Broadway show - of course he'd call it One-Man Fucking Rebellion... Time Bandits is a very underrated movie - I feel conflicted about the idea of a remake... The Denver Broncos have been successful under Tim Tebow because they run the Hippocratic Offense - first do no harm... Little known fact - before the media started calling it Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving was known as Two Flush Friday (for obvious reasons).

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