Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Modest Proposal to Make the World a Better Place

Was thinking this morning that there doesn't seem to be that paragon of pure good these days. A figure like Mother Theresa for example. Oh some may point to the Dalai Lama but for all his goodness there's still the reports of how the Tibet monks mistreated the common people of Tibet (one of the reasons there doesn't seem to be a popular uprising in Tibet to stop being part of China).

It also occurred to me that one figure that seems to have become lost to history is Albert Schweitzer who was world famous for his good deeds an reverence for life.

Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Hear me out - it is well known that Daniel Day Lewis is a method actor who gets into his character to the point he basically becomes that character like his portrayal of Lincoln for example. Why not trick Lewis into thinking he was cast as the lead in a movie about Albert Schweitzer? Pay Lewis whatever it takes to get him to take the role and then let him become Schweitzer. Have Lewis travel the world as Schweitzer and then keep coming up with excuses for movie production delays. Lewis could be "playing" Schweitzer for years and years before he caught on.

Sure it could be the most expensive practical joke in history but wouldn't it be worth it? You once again would have a paragon of good walking among us.

Just a thought.

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