Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marcus Camby Inducted into the UMass Hall of Fame

Marcus Camby was inducted in the UMass Hall of Fame. I have no problem with this. Camby was one of the five greatest athletes to ever attend UMass (Dr. J being by far the number one). Yes - his dealings with agents did cause UMass to vacate their 1996 Final Four appearance but it should be noted that the money UMass had to return to the NCAA for that appearance - Camby paid back to the school out of his own pocket.

I don't blame a poor kid falling into the clutches of an agent. I more blame the NCAA who makes millions off the sweat of poor kids like Camby while hypocritically extolling the virtues of amateurism and student athletes. Let the NCAA officials work for housing, food and clothing allowances instead of high six-figure salaries and then I'll give credence to their high mindedness.

All NCAA TV revenue should be taxed. There's no doubt in my mind.

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