Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time Running Out or Running out the Clock?

The New York Post has an article from Michael Walsh suggesting that time is running out for Attorney General Eric Holder. Walsh also argues for keeping the pressure on - a strategy I agree with. However, as I've said before - Eric Holder is trying to run out the clock - in effect running a "four-corners" offense until the November elections. Then either way, win or lose, the President can offer his friend a blanket pardon for any actions related to Fast and Furious.

Two thoughts:

1. I think the handling of the situation has been awful by the Obama Administration. Putting everything off to the very end just keeps the story in the news just when the Administration can't afford these types of stories. It was easy for friendly media outlets to ignore this story in the past but how can they possibly ignore a story about the Attorney General being cited for contempt? Giving the impression that the Administration is lawless and capable of anything is not the way to convince voters to give Obama four more years in November.

2. I wonder even if Obama gives Holder a blanket pardon - would that pardon cover crimes that occurred in Mexico? Could Mexican officials press charges against Holder for the dozens of murders and counting that are related to Fast and Furious and would Holder be liable to extradition?

This story will get bigger and bigger and the Obama Administration has no one to blame for the timing or the scope.