Saturday, June 02, 2012

Kevin Youkilis

The debate in New England right now is who will be traded first - the Bruins goalie Tim Thomas or the Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis? The Red Sox have denied that Youkilis is on the trading block but come one - who are you kidding?

The Red Sox have every reason in the world to be looking to trade Youkilis; he's highly paid and moving his salary will give them more flexibility for the rest of this year, they already have a better replacement in rookie Will Middlebrooks who also happens to be a fan favorite, and they are going to have to cut him after the season anyway because the Red Sox will not be picking up Youkilis' 2013 $13 million option. Of course they are looking to trade him.

Please note that I am not definitively saying he will be traded but I am saying Youkilis is on the trading block. The Red Sox may keep Youkilis for the rest of the year if they cannot come to agreement with another team on pieces that will help the team either this season or down the road. To tell us he is not on the trading block is to ask fans to suspend belief.