Friday, June 15, 2012

Fast and Furious Theory

I think anyone following the Fast and Furious scandal has come to the realization that Attorney General Eric Holder had to be involved and that knowledge and authorization for the operation may have even gone higher than him. Holder, however, has given no indication that he is going to resign and President Obama has given no indication that he plans to ask for Holder's resignation any time soon.

Let me share a thought that occurred to me earlier today - maybe Attorney General Holder's plan is to "run out the clock" until the November election. Then if President Obama loses - he can give Holder a blanket pardon for any involvement he may or may not have had in Fast and Furious. That way Holder doesn't go to jail and he also becomes the place where the buck stops. Holder will have incentive to say the President was in no way aware or involved in Fast and Furious.

The more I think of it - the more I think that this is a likely scenario.