Friday, July 06, 2012

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Brad Pitt's mom writes anti-Obama editorial. What I love about this story is the idea that Brad Pitt's mom's vote will basically cancel out her son's vote in November but since she's from a battleground state (Missouri) her vote actually carries more weight (Brad lives in California which is sure to go for Obama)... Seth MacFarlane is making it possible for Carl Sagan's paper to be donated to the Library of Congress. Nice job Mr. Family Guy... I thought last night's Louie was pretty funny but I'm still haunted by the fact that the woman who played Louie's girlfriend last week was the little girl from Field of Dreams. I know Gaby Hoffman is now 30 but she'll always be little Karin Kinsella in many ways (I also find it creepy that Louie was college aged when Field of Dreams came out)... How all 57 50 states got their names... Tom Glavine had a career batting average of .186. Meanwhile Richie Weeks of the Brewers is hitting just .192 (and it was .182 last week)... Sam Trickett won $10.1 million for coming in second place in the WSOP One Drop Million Dollar Buy-in event but later that night gets beat up by six guys. I'd love to know the whole story on this...