Sunday, July 29, 2012

Red Sox Thoughts

There are two things that I really hope the Red Sox front office realizes:

1. The chances of this team making the playoffs are very, very slim
2. This is not a likable team. Personally I can root for maybe Pedroia, Ellsbury, Ross and Big Papi

I have a friend who is a big Phillies fan. We recently discussed how pleased we are with the timing of the Olympics because the games will allow us to segue right into football season unofficially allowing us to minimize the misery of following either the Red Sox or Phillies. The big difference, that he also acknowledges, is that at least the Phillies are still a likable team.

Josh Beckett needs to be traded. The Rangers keep saying they aren't interested but their options keep dwindling as other teams make moves and what else are they supposed to say? Texas also needs a catcher - so package Beckett with Kelly Stoppach. The Braves also need a starter. Get Randall Delgado and a couple of prospects for Beckett and a few million. This is Chipper's last season - Atlanta wants to go all out. A deal is there to be made. Move the guy already!

The Red Sox are 1-5 in extra innings games and their Bill James Pythagorean winning percentage would have the team at 53-48 instead of their 50-51 record. Combined these two stats are an indictment of the job Bobby Valentine is doing with this team. I really hope this will be the only season Bobby V will be forced upon the good will of Red Sox fans. To this point of the season Valentine has managed the team to the same exact record as the Cleveland Indians. Think on that for a minute. The patience with his competence has worn thin.