Thursday, August 23, 2012

Derek Jeter and Skip Bayless

Recently Skip Bayless asserted that Derek Jeter may be on performance enhancing drugs. I've long asserted that Skip Bayless is a jackass. Pretty sure there is more evidence of my assertion than of his.

The only reason I bring up Skip Bayless' insinuation is because I think Jeter missed an opportunity to turn the tables. I wish Jeter had said the following, "I heard what Skip Bayless had to say about me and I have an offer for him. If he thinks it is OK to make baseless accusations about me and the people in my clubhouse then the same should be true for me and the people he works with. I will take a urine and blood test for all illegal substances (including alcohol abuse) if I am allowed to pick Skip Bayless or anyone else at ESPN to take the same tests with the results from both tests being made public. The reason I make this offer is because I'm pretty sure someone at ESPN must be high on something to keep forcing Skip Bayless on the US public. What do you say ESPN - are you going to put up or shut up? Or does ESPN have something to hide?"