Sunday, August 26, 2012

Political Jujitsu

I am the only one who thinks that Mitt Romney making a joke about a birth certificate was more than just an off-hand comment? I think we are about to witness some political jujitsu.

In the next few days I wouldn't be surprised if Romney said something like, "Golly, I was just making a joke. If President Obama gets that offended by a simple joke then he is probably too think-skinned to be President. Frankly I think the fact he gets so offended by such a little matter and shows so little concern over the 23 million Americans to be the real insult. I know the President and his surrogates have been trying to use my tax returns as a distraction to keep people from focusing in on 42 months of unemployment over 8% and I want to announce that I'm willing to release another 8 years worth of returns to shut these people up even though I know that they will try to use them just as more distractions and shiny things. But I am only willing to release these returns if President Obama will finally release his college records. The reason I make this offer is because I think President Obama is in over his head and I think the American people deserve to see that he's not the smartest man in the room like he pretends to be."

I know luminaries such as Donald Trump have suggested the same offer but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a good move. I really don't think President Obama will release his college records (they will probably get leaked after the election) and even if he does - I doubt his grades were close to what Romney got at Harvard which will be a point of comparison in Romney's favor.