Friday, August 31, 2012

The Empty Chair

Lots of grief today about Clint Eastwood's speech last night where at some points he addressed an empty chair as if President Obama was sitting in it. Clint's speech last night made me feel uncomfortable for him. As I was watching it I wondered how old he is because his rambling speech did make him seem old (he's 82). But here's the thing - he's CLINT FREAKING EASTWOOD.

Most people will just see the clips of Eastwood making jokes about President Obama needing to go. The more people on the left bring up Eastwood and the empty chair - the more these clips of Eastwood jokes at the President's expense will be shown.

If I were Karl Rove - I'd have his Crossroads PAC create an add showing an empty chair. I would then scroll all the reasons why the chair has been left empty. All the rounds of golf, all the time spent at fund-raisers, all the time spent on vacation. Have a line about abdicating responsibility. Use the empty chair to keep reminding people - that Clint Eastwood thinks the President needs to be fired.