Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Expertise

Very interesting infographic regarding Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule to become an expert.

When I think about it for a minute I would say that I'm already an expert (way past 10,000 hours) in IPTV, watching the Boston Red Sox and watching college and pro football. I know I can earn a living based upon my IPTV knowledge but what about my insight into the Red Sox? That would be a harder trick. And my football expertise? There are probably a million guys my age who could make the same claim. Of these how many are able to turn that experience into something the increases their bank account bottom line (and don't mention people who bet on football because that's a net loser).

In addition I'm probably pretty close to being an expert on both drinking beer and blogging if you are using the 10,000 hour rule. All that time drinking beer has probably made me closer to a liver transplant patient than being an expert but what about blogging? I know the practice of putting down my thoughts  has helped with my professional writing ability but it really hasn't put any money into my pockets.

What are you expert at if you use the 10,000 hour rule? Have you been able to use that expertise to earn a living? Or are you an expert hobbyist?