Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gary Shandling

Gary Shandling passed away over the weekend. He was a comedic genius and also a man so comfortable in his own skin that many life lessons could be learned from his example.

Here he is with Jerry Seinfeld getting coffee (the jokes about death are a little uncomfortable in retrospect)..

The fact that he was still playing pick-up basketball in his sixties is all the more reason to admire the man.

The WTF Marc Maron episode with Gary Shandling is well worth your time.

The Esquire "What I've Learned" piece from a few years ago is insightful (especially the fact that everyone is uncomfortable at parties).

His August 2010 GQ interview is a must read.

I admit that I was very surprised by Shandling's spirituality. He reminded me of George Harrison in that regard. I hope he's found peace.

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