Thursday, March 24, 2016

Boaty McBoatface

I agree 100% - the United Kingdom should name their new polar research vessel Boaty McBoatface. In addition to the reasons given in the article - think of the possible marketing and merchandise!

- there could be a children's show that would be a cross between Thomas the Tank Engine and Kratts Creatures. A cartoonish Boaty McBoatface interspersed with biologists explaining to kids about the different creatures that call the arctic home.
- T-shirts, hats and miniature  Boaty McBoatface's. I'm ready to order a shirt that says Crew right now!
- a show aimed at adults about the current mission for the scientists and crew
- a sponsored web site with webcams pointed forward, aft, port and starboard
- multiple sponsorship opportunities such as "Coke the official soft drink of the crew of Boaty McBoatface", etc. etc.

Boaty McBoatface could raise much more than the $287 million it actually cost to build the ship - enough for a Boaty McBoatface sister ship! Bertha McBoatface? Seriously - this could be the best thing to ever happen to educating the public about polar research.

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