Thursday, March 10, 2016

Top 5 - Basketball Players from Holy Cross

Holy Cross made the 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney by winning the Patriot League title. Go Crusaders! In celebration here's who I would pick as the Top 5 basketball players from Holy Cross:

1. Bob Cousy - no brainer. They even have a statue of him outside the Hart Center
2. Tommy Heinsohn - averaged 23.4 points as a Junior and 27.2 points per game as a Senior.
3. Ronnie Perry Jr. - was an All-American in both basketball and baseball.
4. Togo Palazzi - two-time All-American. Played 6-seasons in the NBA
5. Jack "the Shot" Foley - Worcester's own Jack "the Shot".  In his Senior year Foley was second in the country in scoring.

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