Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Well it's official. AC/DC has by all accounts seemingly become their own cover band. Lead singer Brian Johnson has been told to stop touring immediately or risk total deafness. The band in response says they will make up the cancelled tour dates later this year with a "guest vocalist". The story is veering off into serious Spinal Tap territory.

The news about Brian Johnson comes after the news that band founder Malcolm Young was forced to retire due to dementia. That news comes after the news that drummer Phil Rudd needed to be replaced because he was under house arrest for threatening to murder someone. Meanwhile Angus Young is 60-years old and still dresses as a schoolboy - and that's the most normal thing about the band.
Here's a very good history of the band from The New Yorker a couple of years ago.

And if AC/DC does become their own cover band - they should be aware that it will be tough to top these two guys.

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