Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New England Patriots

Please don't hate us but the honest truth is that the Patriots going to the Super Bowl to most New England fans this year is no big deal. This isn't like 2001 when the Patriots were a team of destiny or 2007 when New England was looking to go undefeated. This year going to the Super Bowl was just kind of expected.

People around here aren't planning the big parties like years past. You're not going to have to get to a bar hours beforehand to insure you get a seat for the game. The enthusiasm just isn't there. Don't get me wrong - everyone will still be watching the game but this time as fans and not fanatics.

This year it's not personal - it's business. It seems strange.


  1. This year, their biggest rivalry was with Roger Goodell

  2. Borepatch - exactly. Chris I love your blog but in this post I could not disagree more with you. It is expected yes but it is also so very personal. It would be so sweet to see Roger hand the Lombardi Trophy to the Pats next week. Just to say to him: "You failed. It did not work and in the end you only made us stronger. Is that your best shot?" Not that I think they will but they could.

  3. I agree with you both 100%. I was going to do a second post about how this game is really about the Patriots vs Goodell and not so much Pats vs Falcons as far as New England fans are concerned.

    Probably will still do that post when I get time.