Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting or amusing and thought I'd share.

- Nice profile of Michael Keaton

- Edward Snowden is not a "whistleblower" - he's a traitor and wannabe James Bond.

- Interesting - was the Isaiah Thomas deal a "better" trade for Danny Ainge than the Kevin Garnett trade?

- Some fairy tales may be 6,000 years old.

- In 2017 I want to be "the man in the arena"

- Interesting reference guide.

- WTF! A Caffeine DUI?


  1. I disagree (strongly) on Snowden. The Intelligence community has been very dishonest with the public, and with Congress. That's what Snowden exposed.

    The idea that he is a fugitive and that Gen. Clapper is free says all you need to know about the corruption of the Intel community. Clapper, you will recall, perjured himself before Congress, saying that there was no mass surveillance of the American public. He had the questions in advance, and so could have asked for a classified session, but didn't.

    We simply wouldn't know this without Snowden.

  2. I believe both things can be true - that Snowden can be a traitor and that the Intel community overreach was out of control. Sadly I don't see any good guys in this situation. And other than being exposed to the public - I don't see any real changes to the modus operandi of the NSA and others.

    And for the record I greatly admire your expertise in the cyber security realm.

  3. Thanks.

    It looks like Trump may get rid of Clapper, which would be a start. Hard to tell with Trump, though - this may just be his opening offer