Sunday, February 11, 2018

Paul Pierce

Tonight Paul Pierce will have his number retired during the Boston Celtics game vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. On sports talk radio in Boston they are debating his place in the Celtics all-time pantheon. Is he in the top 5 of all-time Celtics? Well he's obviously behind Bill Russell and Larry Bird. Behind John Havlicek too. What about Cousy, McHale and don't forget former MVP Dave Cowens? Talk about a wealth of riches.

What struck me was the thought of what if Paul Pierce wasn't a Celtic? He probably would be THE greatest player in franchise history for the following teams; Toronto, Brooklyn/New Jersey (I'm going to say that he's better than Buck Williams), Milwaukee, Charlotte, Los Angeles Clippers (Blake Griffin was traded before having a chance to pass Pierce), Memphis and the New Orleans Hornets (the New Orleans Jazz had Pistol Pete).

Think of that - 7 franchises for whom Paul Pierce would be their greatest player of all-time. Paul Pierce is one of those players who most likely won't get his historical due.

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