Saturday, February 10, 2018

Climate Change

The climate is changing (but in geologic terms the climate is always changing). And the science is far from settled.

The Earth's magnetic field is shifting - the magnetic poles may flip and this could get bad. The magnetic poles have changed hundreds of times in Earth's history and the scientists don't know why this happens. The Earth's magnetic field protects us from harmful solar and cosmic rays. How will a weakened magnetic field effect the climate or life on this planet? Nobody knows.

But don't worry - people who also don't understand why or how this happens are saying it won't be all that bad. The article states, "it's actually a good thing that the current switch is taking a long time to happen because it means the human race has time to prepare for it." Prepare for it how? Stocking up on SPF 30 sunblock? Moving to underground cities? Weaning ourselves off anything that runs on electricity? 

Couldn't the same be said to those who believe in man-made climate change? The seas are rising but very slowly giving those who live on the coasts plenty of time to move inland. Oh and this warming is going to be great for Siberian farmland - goodbye world hunger!

Then you throw in the fact we are probably in a Solar Minimum (another natural occurrence scientists don't understand) and the picture of what's happening gets even more muddled. Not to mention the Earth's "wobble" is also changing. We really have no idea scientifically what's going on.

Look I think everyone agrees that pollution and waste are bad and we should be working to reduce both. What drives me nuts is the "science is settled" idiots. Scientists actually have no real idea what is happening or why.

People who deny this should be thrown into active volcanoes to appease the angry Science Gods.

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