Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Challenges of DNA Data

Interesting article about the challenges of a future where many people's DNA sequencing is available in database form. As more testing like 23andMe become prevalent - more people will have greater control over their genetic history as an aid to better health. Criminals will also have potentially more data on which to do identity theft and other dastardly deeds. There will be many challenges coming in the near future regarding DNA data and keeping that data safe.

I can't help but think what DNA sequencing data could do for targeted marketing. For instance in the future I picture the equivalent of my 25-year old self one day wondering, "Why am I suddenly getting all of these ads about diabetes, premature gray hair and penis reduction surgery?"

On a bit of a tangent but still related thought - I wonder what DNA sequencing and things like CRISPR will do for animal breeding? Why pay $500,000 for a stud fee for Storm Cat when a groomer can just grab a few hairs which will yield all the DNA data needed?  Can you imagine the future menagerie of custom DNA built dogs?

We are truly sailing into uncharted waters.

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  1. I've still seen nothing to indicate that Gattica isn't our near future.