Monday, May 21, 2018

Donald Trump and Crest Toothpaste

I keep waiting for President Trump to have some petty Twitter beef with Crest Toothpaste or their parent company Proctor & Gamble. Or conversely I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Crest is really behind the Steele Dossier. Why? Because of this story from 14-years ago. Both Trump and Proctor & Gamble are known to hold a grudge about this awful PR:
A spy tells Lowdown that after handing out tube after tube of the decay-preventing dentifrice to passersby, the "Apprentice" team enlisted a plump 51-year-old woman to haul the unsightly empty boxes back to a nearby truck and haul back armsful of sparkling-new boxes. 
For this, they offered her $20. 
As the woman lumbered from the table to the truck and back - "working her a- off," says our spy - she was overheard mumbling, "I have to do a good job for Crest." 
After about an hour, she had worked herself into a beet-faced, sweaty daze. At one point she tumbled over and began to roll around on the ground, chanting "Crest! Crest!" over and over. 
"It was just spooky," said our spy.
This story always makes me laugh.

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