Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Brian Colangelo's Burner Accounts

Wow! Just wow! Blown away by The Ringer's fascinating story of Brian Colangelo and his *cough*alleged*cough* Twitter burner accounts.

Five thoughts immediately occurred to me during and after reading the article:

1. First and foremost I thought of Charlie Munger's advice about it being much better to try not to do stupid things than it is to try and be "smart". What Colangelo looks like he did would definitely qualify as doing something stupid. Don't do stupid things! Just don't!

2. Don't trust people who like big stupid collars.

3. This situation both helps the Celtics and also highlights how lucky Boston is to have a responsible adult in Danny Ainge as GM.

4. How ironic would it be if the first place Brian Colangelo turns to to try and save his reputation is JJ Reddick's The Ringer associated podcast?

5. If things really do come in threes - who will be the next well known person to destroy their career because of Twitter misuse? First Roseanne, then Colangelo, and then...

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