Friday, June 27, 2008

Ed Wade - A Disaster of a GM

Ken Rosenthal takes Ed Wade to task for his responsibility in the Chacon confrontation. Rosenthal says that it's Wade that needs to look in the mirror. I say its Wade that needs to get fired.

The trade for Miguel Tejada is a disaster. First Tejada gets named in the Mitchell Report and then it turns out he's been lying about his age. Meanwhile Luke Scott has been great for the Orioles with 12 HR and an .868 OPS in the harder to hit AL. Also Matt Albers who was included in the deal could really be helping a weak Astros bullpen.

I can't think of any move made by Ed Wade that has been good for the Astros. Is Jose Valerde and his 4.34 ERA really an upgrade over Chad Qualls? Michael Bourn for Brad Lidge was a steal - for the Phillies! Kaz Matsui? Really?

Think about this for a minute - the Astros would be better off right now if they had no GM. If they had no GM then they would have an outfield of Carlos Lee, Hunter Pence and Luke Scott - so their offense would be better. The pitching would be better with Matt Albers still in the pen along with Brad Lidge and Qualls. Would they be in first right now? Probably not but then again they wouldn't be spiraling out of control either.

If they had no GM then they wouldn't have bloggers like me making fun of them for having a jerkface clown for a GM.

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