Friday, July 24, 2009

Henry Louis Gates

First off President Obama shouldn't have inserted himself into what is basically a local issue. Doing so will cost him support among law enforcement agencies across the country. It showed a lack of judgment on his part. However, it also may have showed loyalty to a man who may have been a mentor and role model to him.

Henry Louis Gates may been having had a bad day - who knows the real reason he was locked out of his house for instance. Something may have been going bad at work or in his personal life and then getting locked out of his own house was just the staw that broke the camel's back. Not showing ID to a police office and then making a "your momma" comment? Tremendous lack of judgment on the professor's part. Harvard must be very disappointed today.

The main point I wanted to make this morning though is the fact that Henry Louis Gates would be very wise to invest in a good security system ASAP because I'm guessing it would take a three-alarm fire to get Cambridge police or fire to respond to a call at his address now. If I was a burglar in the Boston area - I'd be casing Gates house right now because the Cambridge police may not respond to any calls to his home anymore. And who could blame them?

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