Saturday, July 25, 2009

Henry Louis Gates II

OK - instead of acknowledging it was a mistake to become embroiled in a local police matter President Obama has decided to get even more involved in the issue calling both Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge police Sergeant James M. Crowley and inviting them to get together at the White House for a beer.

So instead of this not being a national issue at all if President Obama didn't get involved - it has been the issue that has been the most divisive in the country these last few days. Police unions are upset with the President because no matter how much he backtracks - he called a cop "stupid". Now if Crowley and Gates get together at the White House - this will also be the issue that leads the news cycle to start of the week as well. And this President was supposed to be media savvy?

Think on this - what if President Obama wants Crowley to apologize to Gates during the sitdown and Crowley refuses (which he should under the circumstances). If that happens and news gets out you will see Obama's approval ratings plummet. Obama has nothing to gain from being involved in this matter but he may be risking it all by putting himself at the center of it. What does that tell you about his judgment?

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