Monday, July 27, 2009

Strange Dream

I awoke to a strange dream this morning. I was in the OSS / CIA / paratroopers - something along those lines and was assigned the job of going into Germany and killing Hitler. This wasn't war-time Hitler though. This was didn't kill himself in the bunker but instead went to jail for many years and now is out and is hosting the very popular German version of the Price is Right Hitler. (I said at the top that it was a strange dream).

I get to the show and am standing on the side when a beautiful blonde jumps in front of the TV camera holding a sign and starts singing. I assume that it is some sort of protest and that she's singing the forbidden national anthem of her homeland but then it dawns on me that she's singing "You Light Up My Life" in German. Hitler, in full military uniform, claps for her and says, "How wonderful." Just then Hitler notices his cameraman his not feeling right. The cameraman is dizzy and Hitler is concerned for him. I can tell instinctually that these two men have been together for many years. Hitler apologizes to the crowd but insists that the cameraman goes off and rest because he obviously isn't feeling well.

My eyes follow the cameraman who schleps off and up some stairs. As the cameraman reaches the balcony he looks over and his expression suddenly turns to shock and horror. A gunshot is heard and the cameraman yells "NO!" I just know that his yell is not out of concern for Hitler (who was just murdered off screen as it were) but for the fact that he'd been filming Hitler for years but didn't have his camera rolling and on him when his end finally came. The cameraman is depressed and I awake.

Two things about the dream. I don't know if I was the one to shoot Hitler (I'm sure that has some psychological ramifications) and I can't understand why Hitler didn't die "on screen". Bad guys are supposed to die on screen. I hope my subconscious isn't going all Marge Schott on me.

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