Saturday, July 18, 2009

Julio Lugo Released

Let me just add my $.02 to Julio Lugo being DFA'd by the Red Sox.

I'm glad he's gone and I'm also glad that Lugo took the high road. It may have been Lugo's fault that he was so bad in the field but it wasn't his fault that the Red Sox overpaid him by so much. A friend of mine went to a Red Sox game last year with his daughter and he said Lugo couldn't have been nicer to the young girl. Maybe it's just me but I think on a very real level Lugo realizes that he hit the lottery with this contract with the Red Sox. Now he gets his money and he doesn't have to put up with "Red Sox Nation" constantly complaining about his contract and his contributions on the field. I'm as guilty as anyone and I'm glad not to have Julio Lugo to kick around anymore.

I bet Julio Lugo is just as glad - but much richer.

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