Sunday, October 11, 2009

David Ortiz's Nipples

Rick Reilly with an entertaining offering on athletes he's seen naked. I liked this bit on David Ortiz:
During his unforgettable playoff run in 2004, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz hit yet another crucial home run to win yet another crucial game. Afterward, the hulking Ortiz came out of the shower and began wading through the 50 or so of us waiting for him, wearing only a towel and a scowl. Suddenly, he spun around on this tiny, middle-aged, balding radio guy, leaned over him menacingly and growled, "Did you just look at my nipples?!?"

Fear froze the little guy like a Popsicle. He squeaked, "No."

Ortiz suddenly broke into a huge grin, slapped the little man on the back and said, "Why not?"
Why not indeed?

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