Monday, April 04, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

It will be interesting to see who posts better offensive numbers as a C/1B this season - Mike Napoli or Victor Martinez... Sad to say but I think if 100 Americans were asked where the Island of Libya is located on the globe at least half wouldn't argue with you about Libya not actually being an island... The things you learn from the Internet: Sobering statistics for the day - Causes of death worldwide in March 2011 - Starvation 3,000,000; Malaria 250,000; Car Crash 100,000; Earth Quakes and Tsunamis less than 28,000... Who knew? I always assumed Bon Scott was the original lead singer for AC/DC but that honor actually goes to a guy named Dave Evans. He was replaced by Scott after a year... You don't see the media going out of their way to interview Cindy Sheehan now that Bush is out of office. If I was Fox News I would have her on to see what her thoughts are on Libya and if she thinks her pain and suffering were used for political purposes. My guess is that it would take very little to get her to call President Obama a "chickenhawk"... If Clifford the Big Red Dog got so big because of Emily Elizabeth's love - does that mean Chihuahua's are so small because of racist hate?... April 4 is an important day in computer history. On that day in 1975 Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and 19 years later in 1994 Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark founded Netscape. The creation of the Internet browser will go down in history as one of the more important developments in technology. Michael Lewis included the story of the founding of Netscape in his overlooked book The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story

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