Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

You can't have good without evil yet Christianity has official blessings but no official curses. I think that may be a missing ingredient... People remember Jean Van de Velde's meltdown at 1999 British Open but can you recall who won it? Likewise I think people will remember 2011 Masters more for Rory McIlroy's final round meltdown than for Charl Schartzel winning... The fastest marathon humanly possible may be only 76 seconds faster than the current record... After seeing the ESPN special on Tom Brady and the 2000 NFL Draft - I am amazed that some 49ers fan hasn't created a fake Gio Carmazzi Twitter account yet. I think that would be classic. The fake Carmozzi can tweet about what his goats are doing while Brady is throwing touchdowns... Quote for the day: "The message leaps from heart to heart by way of the brain, and where the brain is unpersuaded the message cannot pass." - Joseph Campbell... I listened to Bill Simmons podcast with Norm McDonald. I found it interesting that High Stakes Poker was not mentioned even once. It was mildly interesting but that interest was offset by it being just an ESPN/Disney pimpfest (Norm's new show is on Comedy Central a member of Team Disney)... Every time I see that Water for Elephants commercial I think, "Hey Cedric Diggory lives!" I then wonder if the jealous husband is really Voldemorte... Bible thought for the day: Do you think Eve fed Adam the apple so he would know that it was wrong to have sex with the animals of the Garden of Eden?... With Rory McIlroy being from Northern Ireland - I was disappointed that I didn't see any Sunday, Bloody Sunday U2 references made regarding his dismal final round at The Masters. "This is not a rebel song. And this is not a song about Rory McIlroy's final round at the Masters. This is Sunday, Bloody Sunday"... This is pretty cool. It would be awesome if the Navy could put these on the heads of freakin sharks... By the way Paul Lawrie won the 1999 British Open.

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