Friday, April 29, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Little known fact but by tradition at the after Royal Wedding reception whoever catches the new princesses garter becomes the ambassador to Sweden... I think most Patriot fans were braced for Bill Belichick to trade the pick that ended up being Ryan Mallett to a team that needed a QB but ended up being very happy when the Pats actually took the QB for their own. That happiness was compounded with the realization that the move basically came down to trading a pretty much washed up Randy Moss for Ryan Mallett (the Pats used the pick they got from the Vikings to pick Mallett)... Wow - this is a pretty cool move - Bose Founder Gives Majority of Company to MIT... If the Reds Mike Leake was a normal guy I could see doing the diversion program which will get his record wiped clean as 1st time offender. However, given the fact that I'm doubting that he'd be this stupid again and that nobody is going to forget he stole that T-shirts - the program probably isn't worth the time... In my opinion Roy Firestone getting Rod Tidwell to cry in Jerry Maguire still greater than Suzy Kolber getting Mark Ingram to cry at the end of the first day of the NFL Draft... The only question I have regarding the Royal Wedding is whether Richard Petty invoked his right of prima nocta.

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