Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Perspective

The protesters at Occupy Wall Street argue that they are the 99% but in reality they are the 1%. Very interesting article from Motley Fools:
The recent Occupy Wall Street protests have aimed their message at the income disparity between the 1% richest Americans and the rest of the country. But what happens when you expand that and look at the 1% richest of the entire world? Some really interesting numbers emerge. If there were a global Occupy Wall Street protest, people as well off as Linda Frakes might actually be the target.

In America, the top 1% earn more than $380,000 per year. We are, however, among the richest nations on Earth. How much do you need to earn to be among the top 1% of the world?

Think of it this way. A person is very lucky to be born in the US. If you were to offer 99% of the world's population a chance to switch places with a Wall Street Protester they most likely would jump at that opportunity. And they most likely wouldn't wait very long to fold up their protest tent and get to work making their American dream a reality. Meanwhile - how long do you think it would take for that Wall Street Protester now in some foreign land to realize how good they had it back in the USA?

The whole situation reminds me of this Louis CK interview:

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