Friday, October 07, 2011

Player Comparison

Here's a comparison that had me thinking today:

Player A - 746 R/ 232 HR/ 813 RBI/ .267 BA/ .817 OPS/ 114 OPS+
Player B - 944 R/ 242 HR/ 795 RBI/ .278 BA/ .873 OPS/ 125 OPS+

Let me also note that Player A Played 14 seasons and won 6 Gold Gloves but was never an All-Star. During his career he made a little over $75 million. Player B also played 14 season and was named to 1 All-Star game but made over $94 million in his career.

Player A was probably the better defender while Player B has a slight edge offensively. Both players could have easily changed their first names to "Often Injured". Pretty similar over-all.

Player A is Eric Chavez while Player B is JD Drew. Both are probably retiring - JD Drew will just be retiring with a little more scratch in his pockets.

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