Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

I think we should thank Fox and Friends. The show seems to serve as a weeding out process of the sane versus batshit insane. They could even rename the show Thoughtful Political Commentary or Moonbat Crazy and I would be fine. At the very least let's hope that MNF will finally get rid of the Hank Williams Jr. song. I mean the song was really good at the start but then it just went too far... Wow - I never knew that Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo was battling a series of strokes... If I ran a team in the English Premier League - I'd hire Terry Francona to do commercials for my team in the US. That would at the least draw support away from Liverpool which is also owned by John Henry and the rest of the Red Sox ownership... Speaking of Hitler - you knew this was coming - Hitler reacts to the Red Sox collapse... I could get behind the new nicknames for Red Sox players of Beckett the Boozer and JaMarcus Lackey... One final Hitler thought - the Internet has really made Hitler an off-limits historical figure. You have Godwin's Law and Hitler in the Bunker satire and none of that furthers any rational argument a person may hope to make. You would be much better pulling out any other historical figure like Churchill's father after he went crazy from Syphillis, Ghengis Khan, Eric the Red or William the Conqueror - anyone. If you do that then the historically ignorant will have no clue what to think. Was the reference amusing for some obscure reason? You would really keep them guessing - and you would get to keep your job.

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