Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tim Tebow and Tom Brady

I imagine that many people last night were checking the Bible for the appropriate Bible quote based upon the score change (guilty as charged) and I think funny enough a proper quotation was found at the end of the game. Last week Tim Tebow had 316 yards passing and everyone immediately seized on John 3:16. Last night Tebow finished with 136 yards passing and John 1:26 seems fitting enough; "When he saw Jesus passing by he said, 'Look the Lamb of God'". Tebow was John the Baptist preaching football in the Wilderness and last night he saw what a real football Jesus looked like (Jesus passing - get it?).

I am far from a Tebow hater - the opposite would be true. I think this season he made the Broncos much more competitive and vastly more interesting. Orton or Quinn would have led this team to maybe 5 wins tops. Tebow took them to to not just the playoffs but also to a 1st round playoff victory. Broncos fans should be pleased - he exceeded expectations.

Now the Patriots will have to deal with the haters of their own. The "this defense isn't good enough to win the Super Bowl" haters. The "this team still hasn't beaten a team with a winning record" haters. I hope that puts a chip on their shoulders because we have seen in the past how a "us against the world" Bill Belichick coached team reacts in those situations.

All I know is that the team I saw last night looks mightily tough to beat. I see the Patriots making the Super Bowl. Belichick lo vult (Belichick wills it).