Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jorge Posada is not a Hall of Famer

Peter Gammons tries to make the case that Jorge Posada has Hall of Fame credentials. I think Gammons is either doing public relations for the Yankees and Posada (who may be a friend of Gammons) or that Peter is just being willfully ignorant.

For example Gammons touts the fact that Posada is 6th in OPS+ among catchers since 1901. Problem is Gammons doesn't count Joe Mauer among the 6 and Mauer has a career OPS+ that is 15 points higher than Posada. Who else did Gammons neglect to include?

The article doesn't even mention Ivan Rodriguez who was a contemporary of Posada's but who has a much better case for the Hall of Fame. Pudge had 13 Gold Gloves and an MVP. Posada was a defensive liability and had just 2 Top 10 MVP finishes.

Jorge Posada is not going into the Hall of Fame. I gave the 4 reasons why last August.