Friday, January 27, 2012

Linky Links

Stuff I found interesting and thought I'd share. 
Nice math trick - if you divide 1 by 998,001 you get all three-digit numbers from 000 to 999 in order 
Example of life imitating art or vice versa  "As God as my witness - we will have casinos on the moon" 
Who said it: Steven Wright or Mitch Hedberg?
This was so unnecessary - LA Confidential was made into a TV movie in 2003
So it looks like I have 50 brands of beer I need to try -  RateBeer top 50 best beers 2012
Unlikely to recapture the Monty Python magic but I do like the idea of the gang getting back together
Comparisons like this are what the Internet was made for - Exploring the strange parallels between the writing of mythologist Joseph Campbell and the first 4 Police Academy films (HT Big Stupid Tommy)
Kool - 6 Hugely Successful Products Originally Invented for Something Else
So jealous -   Wes Welker is engaged to this woman: