Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romney's Tax Returns

Mitt Romney has not released his tax returns and some people seem to be up in arms about this. Why? At this point - what's in it for Romney? Will releasing his tax returns make it easier or harder to win the Republican nomination? If you think about it you'll realize that it will not make it easier for Romney - it would make it harder as people like Perry and Gingrich would just nitpick the returns. Why would Romney volunteer to take that flack?

However, once Romney has the nomination I would not be surprised to see him offer a challenge to Barack Obama - "You release your college transcripts and I'll release my tax returns." That would change the dynamic completely. How can the press complain about Romney not releasing his tax returns when Obama hasn't released his transcripts? If Obama does release his transcripts would you be surprised if it showed that Romney was the vastly superior student? The myth of Obama being this super smart guy could evaporate. What would Romney's tax returns show - that he's a rich guy who gives 10% to his church? We already know that.

Romney hasn't released his tax returns because he's not stupid. Barack Obama may not be releasing his college grades because maybe he is.