Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Larry King Wednesday

Hi I'm Larry King and here's my thoughts for the day!

I can't help getting the feeling that Anthony Weiner was some sort of elaborate Borat-like prank from the folks from The Daily Show all-along... Snake Plissken? I thought that guy was dead!... Every home team is favored in this week's NFL action (although the Bengals are a pick at home against the Packers). Just seems strange to me not to see any road favorites... Forty-years ago yesterday - the great Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first handheld cellphone call. His first call was to Bell Labs to rub it in. His second call was to my radio show.... I confess that giving Tim McCarver a Dutch oven is on my bucket list. Going to eat lots of cheese that day too.... I take Metamucil for fiber but it is my morning cups of coffee that really keep me regular... Mark my words - that Cuba Gooding Jr. is really going to give Denzel Washington a run for his money as the best black male actor... I love eating Mrs Fields pie - Mrs Sally Fields!... Speaking of great young black artists - how about that Tracy Chapman? I expect great things from that gal... I may be out of the loop but for my money Motorola still makes the best cell phones...

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