Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bill O'Brien

Bill O'Brien is leaving Penn State to take the job as head coach of the Houston Texans. If you've been following the story - you've probably already read this excellent piece by David Jones.

As an outsider - I rooted for Bill O'Brien and his Penn State teams. I like O'Brien because he was from the Patriots but also because he just seems like a good man. Without O'Brien - I probably never would have rooted for Penn State - just the opposite. I would be wishing for them to lose every game because what they allowed Jerry Sandusky to do. And by "they" I mean both the University administration and Joe Paterno.

Penn State was Child Rape University before Bill O'Brien stepped in. His two years there haven't erased those painful memories but they have allowed the focus to come off of the innocent football players who were stuck in a very bad situation. A situation coach O'Brien gracefully helped them through.

The "Paterno people" make me sick. They make me think of this photo of a school in Northfield, MA burning while the football game continues. The "Paterno people" are so obtuse that they don't realize that without Bill O'Brien their chants of "We-are-Penn-State!" would be mocked everywhere with responding chants of "We-allow-child-rape!"

I'm done rooting for Penn State.


  1. I hate the Kiddy Diddlers and Notre Dame. Both are organizations devoid of morals and focused on protecting their cash cows.

  2. I can see the Penn State issues but Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly once coached at Assumption College in Worcester. How can you dislike a team whose coach has Wormtown roots in the hub of the universe?

  3. When that kid was killed while filming practice, the university absolved themselves of any blame. This is not the act of a moral institution. If I recall, no one took responsibility for his death in any way.