Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brady vs Manning XV

Tom E. Curran had the best take on tomorrow's AFC Championship match-up or as many are calling it - Brady vs Manning XV (sorry can't find link to his article). Basically what Curran said was if you call yourself a football fan then you've already taken sides in the "greatest QB of all-time" argument and if this one game is going to get you to switch then you were wrong in calling yourself a football fan to begin with.

I agree with that argument but as a Tom Brady guy let me say that the Patriots and Tom Brady are in a can't lose situation Sunday. If New England wins then Brady apologists get to crow that once again Tom Terrific comes up big in big games and once again Manning needs a playoff-Heimlich maneuver. If Denver wins then big deal. The Broncos had the best scoring offense in history while Brady was working with cast-offs from the Island of Misfit NFL Players. And even with the loss Brady would still be 10-5 all-time head-to-head against Peyton. All the pressure is on Manning.

One of my favorite takes on Brady vs Manning XV came from Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Then again - as a Brady guy I think this nicely sums up the situation.

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