Thursday, January 02, 2014

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Is it me or do all the "Stephen Drew will add depth to the Red Sox" stories you are seeing smack of desperation leaking by Scott Boras. It's like Stephen Drew is slowly morphing into Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, "I got no where else to go!" I liked Stephen Drew last year but I hope that ship has sailed... Nice article on poker Godfather Doyle Brunson... Would Dolph Lundgren have been a star if he went by Adolph Lundgren instead?... This is me when I drank Zima... When Barack Obama took office there were 37.9 million Americans living in poverty. Today there is 47.1 million - yet you won't see any stories about homelessness until a Republican is once again in the White House... Heh heh - Far Side comics in real life... If Bill Belichick played Ode to Joy on the accordion at his next press conference it would break the Internet... This week I vow to use the phrase, "Good day my jumentous fellow" and smile when saying it. Jumentous means "smelling like horse urine" but if you smile people will take it as a compliment...


  1. Don't get me started on Stephen Drew.

    I called him out on strikes three consecutive times on strikes one day (Brock Beurlin was pitching, really) on pitches at his knees. Wah. Not as bad as his coach, but waah.

  2. Happy New Year Donald - hope you have a great 2014. I'll probably jot down more thoughts on Drew later because all of the writers doing Scott Boras' bidding is really starting to get on my nerves.