Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Player Comparison

With the college bowl season winding down thoughts will soon turn to the NFL Draft. In the next few months get ready to start seeing this quarterback comparison on a regular basis:

Player A - 6'5" 228 pounds
Player B - 6'0" 209 pounds

Based on my set-up you might think Player A was going to be Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater but he's 6'3" 196 pounds and you might have thought Player B was going to be Johnny Maziel who is very close at 6'1" 209 pounds. In reality Player A is Phillips Rivers and Player B is Drew Brees. I keep thinking that when it comes down to QB's in the 2014 NFL Draft that NFL GM's will be facing a similar situation to what the Chargers faced in 2005. The classic QB body athlete or the "under-sized" playmaker.


  1. Have a hard time believe that Manziel is actually 6 feet tall let alone 6'1".

  2. Do you think Drew Brees is really 6'0"?