Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Just Married

A few times a year I take long trips where I drive for 5 or more hours. The next time I do I want to put soap letters on my rear windshield saying "JUST MARRIED". Keep in mind that I would be taking this trip by myself. I think people looking for the bride or asking what happened would be funny. "It didn't work out." "She slept with my brother." "She died of food poisoning at our reception." You could go on and on.

My only regret is being older - people might just think "old fool" but if I were younger this prank might be a good opportunity for some random sympathy sex.

My mind might be broken. That's the only explanation I come up with for why I think up these things.


  1. Probably a gender thing. Guys are nodding their heads and giggling reading that idea. Any women reading it are thinking "Oh, how awful."

  2. "Nodding and giggling"

  3. Why not "Just Divorced" or "Just Separated"?