Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New England Patriots

I went to the game on Sunday night and it was awesome! And speaking of awesome the 45-7 victory now means the Patriots are an amazing 88-0 at home since 2001 when they hold an 8-point or greater lead at any point during the game.

It's hard not to think about that stat without comparing it to what happened to Green Bay on Sunday. I know the Packers were the road team but can you picture this year's Pats team or any Bill Belichick team losing a 16-point lead? Tough to picture that - isn't it? That's because Belichick keeps his foot on the gas pedal when he's winning. That 88-0 mark is proof. Some people complain that he runs up the score but Seattle showed why you have to keep trying to pour it on.

If Bill Belichick was coaching Green Bay on Sunday the Packers would be going to the Super Bowl. No doubt in my mind about that. No doubt.

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