Wednesday, January 21, 2015


As usual my mind works differently than most people - so if you want real reporting on what the ramifications may be to deflategate try Tom Curran (Pats fan) or Mike Florio (not a fan of the Pats). For my take...

When I originally heard about this late last night my first thought was, "This is pure genius by Belichick!" Not deflating footballs by 2 PSI but the possible mindfuck that could be going on here. You have to remember that all of this hinges on a single report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN. Remember the league is not commenting at this time. What if the "leak" on this came from the Patriots? What if it's wrong? Bill Belichick just set up a perfect "Us against the world!" mentality in his locker room on the eve of the biggest game of the year. Genius!

Keep in mind that when this story first broke it was greeted as somewhat of a joke by the Patriots. What if Belichick took a nothing story and turned it to his advantage?

In my mind I picture Belichick pulling a Tyrion Lannister move. Maybe have three people in the organization you are unsure of. Invite the first into your office and in the course of conversation tell them in confidence that the league has found 9 of the 12 game balls to have been underinflated. Tell the next guy 10 out of 12. Tell the last guy 11 out of 12. In my mind Belichick might have found the mole in his organization and set up an "Us against the world" mentality. Genius!

Of course I am most likely 100% wrong on this. But if I'm right? Genius!

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